I am Cassandra Martineau, and I am running for Congress in Connecticut’s 2nd District on the Green Party line.

For 40 years, under political triangulation, the Democratic Party has steadily shifted to the right, consciously forgoing the needs of poor and working families in favor of well-off families, figuring that as long as the Republicans were worse, those of us on the left, those of us harmed by the growing income inequality would have no where else to go.

This has left us with Democrats who are anti-choice, Democrats who favor Wall Street over Main Street, Democrats who stand strong against single-payer and the fight for $15, while normalizing the worst that corporate-run and owned politics has to offer us.

Joe Courtney is one of those Democrats.  He has overtly styled himself a “New Democrat” who believes in “market-based solutions.”  New Democrats are Old Republicans.  When ‘both parties’ openly court the mega-corporations, most of us have no-where to go.

Joe Courtney’s dedication to Wall Street has shown itself blatantly in the following areas:

  1. Health Care.  More than half the country wants single-payer, including some 74% of Democrats.    Joe Courtney pretends to be for it, incrementally, and yet when there was an actual proposal for single payer, his response was to introduce legislation increasing for-profit health care.  That’s right, Joe Courtney has consistently stood against single-payer, despite popular support, moral arguments, and fiscal sense.  Corporate candidates can never be the solution to corporate rule.
  2. The 2016 Presidential Primary.  Despite the majority of 2nd District voting for Bernie Sanders, Joe Courtney kept his super-delegate vote on Hillary Clinton.  He disregarded the democratic will of the people to support a war-mongering shill for Wall Street.  He took a similar stance in 2020.
  3.  Joe Courtney is very comfortable voting for a bloated Republican budget which prioritizes military spending over spending on the public good.  Yes, he got his slice for Electric Boat, but Groton is more than one company, and 2nd District is more than just the coast.  Corporate candidates can never be the solution to corporate rule.
  4. Education.  The Democratic Party, with Joe Courtney, have supported the Republican model of high-stakes testing and corporate takeovers  special masters for ‘failing schools.’  In Willimantic, these expensive, outside rulers advisers decided that bi-lingual education was not a priority.  Although Connecticut schools remain balkanized and vary significantly in funding, even though income levels of communities and families clearly impact  test performance.  Under the current model, money is taken away from extra-curriculars to drill for tests, as well as many other decisions which are made to satisfy test scores, needed for funding.  I believe high-stakes testing is WRONG, period, that it takes away power from local communities, and that it makes education about drilling the least fortunate members of society, against all pedagogy and reason.  “Race to the Top” is little more than the carrot to “No Child Left Behind”‘s stick.  Both are wrong.  Corporate candidates can never solve the problem of corporate takeover.
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