Single Payer Now – It’s a No-Brainer

I cannot begin to understand why we don’t already have this. Or perhaps, I do.

This is not about the details of which plan is best, this is addressing why one of the most popular proposals out there is still not an issue.

Single-payer strikes me as such a no-brainer, it boggles the mind that it isn’t a major platform plank in some parties.


Cost: It would cost taxpayers more. Who, exactly, do we mean by taxpayers? Republicans and Democrats both mean working families. Even done this, eliminating profit from healthcare saves us BIG. I’d like to propose a different idea, however.

For decades, thanks to the regressive taxation supported by “both” parties, multi-millionaires, billionaires and mega-coporations have been paying less and less on their taxes. Military spending only ever gets increased, so most of what’s left to cut are social programs. Both major m parties have actively, purposefully empowers their best donors, while dismantling programming that helps working families. This needs to change. No-brainer.

Government is the only entity powerful enough to challenge corporate power, but now it merely parrots their talking points, regardless of party in power. The 50s and 60s, the heyday of labor unions and well-funded social programs, the aftermath of the equalizing programs of the New Deal. Although racist in scope and execution – many Black and other non-white citizens never received the benefits white folks did, these programs clearly benefited the working poor. White working poor. I don’t want to copy everything from this time.

While ensuring that any future programs are intentionally racially, gender, ability, etc inclusive, the fact remains that taxing the wealthy works REALLY well for those who aren’t. Democrats and Republicans both have abandoned working families in favor of those who have the money to donate big. It wasn’t an accident. There is plenty of money in our bloated military budgets, in our subsidies to Big Oil, etc. Neither major party has the means to even suggest this, rare individuals aside, as these are the very people and companies who fund their campaigns. No one sitting on a corporate lap will EVER challenge corporate power.

In other words, let’s let the wealthiest pay their share again. No-brainer.

It’s too radical a change! It could crash the economy!

What a load of manure.

Every industrialized country in the world has some form of universal health care, including many who are not nearly as wealthy as the U.S. No-brainer.

None of them are failed countries now. All, yes, ALL, have improved quality of life, longer lives and more personal power. No-brainer.

Personal power=freedom, for those who missed that.

Employer-based health care is often used more as a weapon to hold over workers than it is a generous benefit from employers.

Some 60% of bankruptcies in the US are due to medical bills, many for people with insurance. The ADA, corporate-centered as it is, has done nothing to alleviate this. No-brainer.

Most doctors want universal health care. No-brainer.

Oh, right, how about that plague?

Skyrocketing in the US more than elsewhere. About 3% death rate, with many others facing lifelong complications. The Democrats response? $600 for many of us, billions for the corporations, and a firm stand against single-payer. Admittedly better than the Republican response, which is to obstruct any chance of mitigation, but is this what we call opposition these days?

Tell ya what might help in an epidemic. Single payer, universal healthcare, that’s what! If ever there was a time, how is NOW not that time? No. Stinking. Brainer.

Next, I’d like to explore why this won’t happen under either major party in power today.

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