Why Green instead of Blue or Red?

AARG! It’s the most important vote of my life! I must do as I am told!

What, exactly, are we being told?

Republicans tell us that anyone other than straight, white, CHRISTIAN ™ people are the rightful inheritors of all, and that everyone else is to be feared: immigrants, gays, different religions, they are all ruining AMERICA and are a clear, present, threat to our wellbeing. While we fret and wring our hands about giving minorities human status, the Republicans in power loot the country for the multi-millionaires, billionaires, and corporations.

Democrats, once again, use fear-mongering of Republicans as the main reason to vote for them. Since Bush the first, Democrats have had few candidates worth voting for. The best they offer is someone less worse than the Republicans. We have little to vote for; we are being urged to vote against. Political Triangulation is the philosophy that the Democratic Party should shift to the right, capturing more Republican votes, while those on the left, will have “No place else to go.” It’s manipulation, and has led to a Democratic Party which is to the right of Reagan. While every single election in my adult lifetime has been “The most important vote of my life,” even when Democrats win, their main goal is to enrich the multi-millionaires, billionaires, and corporations. They keep changing the language. “Third way,” “New Democrats,” “Market-based solutions” are all code for “let the corporations rule.” It’s been a ruinous for the majority of us, but profitable for party donations.

It’s corruption, plain and simple. Fearmongering on both sides is a corruption of political discussion, as if everything is supposed to boil down to what team one happens to be on, and support them to death, right or wrong.

The overwhelming takeover of government by the corporations is another level of direct corruption, one made legal and acceptable by both parties.

Both parties assign corporate insiders to watchdog agencies.

Both parties will fight, vehemently, against a non-corporate candidate.

Working families get what they want about 20% of the time. Corporations, almost always. They sit in and actually write the legislation that both parties pass.

Budgets passed by both parties clearly benefit the owner class, but have little but austerity for the rest of us.

Somehow, coincidentally, over the last 30 years, under both parties, taxes on the wealthiest have gotten lower. Ditto for corporations. Some of the largest not only do not pay any taxes, but have billions given back to them in “subsidies.” Our economy has been structured, by both parties, to the advantage of their corporate donors. This has resulted in drastic income inequality, which has led to a host of other problems.

I believe it is time for a change. Call me crazy, but I actually believe representatives should represent the people of their district, not just the corporations of their district.

Three issues plague me. Three vital, essential, life-and-death issues that most people want, but which neither party will pass. Indeed, they cannot, as their corporate owners will not allow it.

  1. Global climate catastrophe. Republicans deny it, Democrats are willing to make tiny, incremental changes that allow corporations to stay in control. The planet races daily towards being much less hospitable to human life and civilization. We know this beyond any doubt. We know that drastic action must be taken, and yet, little but rhetoric and tweaks have been offered. Neither party is offering real solutions. The “Green New Deal,” stolen and watered down from the Greens, is being fought against by both sides. We need a dramatic move away from carbon fuels. I’d like to see energy more locally produced and owned, and renewable, reducing greenhouse gasses while restoring power to local control. Which gives us more power over our own lives.
  2. Universal/single-payer/medicare for all healthcare. Some 75% of Democrats and 50% of Republicans want this. Every other wealthy (non-colonized/looted) country has this, and it will SAVE US MONEY. Both parties oppose and fight against it. Obamacare, and incrementalism, pretend to be getting their “incrementally,” but actual are used to fend off calls for universal health care, not move towards it. The solutions always seem to involve profit for the corporate donors, while the rest of us continue to pay increased premiums for less services. It’s a crime, and it’s literally killing us. During Covid, the presumed Democratic heir-to-the-throne proudly bragged that he would veto single-payer. They don’t care about us, just their corporate owners. Single payer now is a no-brainer, but neither party will seriously address it.
  3. ALL CORPORATE MONEY OUT OF POLITICS. Both parties rely heavily on corporate money for their campaigns. Anyone who thinks this doesn’t come with equal influence, hasn’t been paying attention. It’s legalized corruption and bribery, and both parties over-indulge in this libation. While they are drunk with power and corporate connections, the rest of us pay the price.

Three issues which are critical to the survival of civilization, the quality of life for most of us, and honest functioning of government.

Three issues which neither party will do anything significant about. Three issues which most people in the US want addressed. Three issues which are anathema to corporate US. Three issues where both parties are failing us, eagerly, to our doom.

The real enemy of most Republican voters isn’t Democrats or immigrants, it’s corporate takeover.

The real enemy of most Democratic voters isn’t Republicans, it’s corporate takeover.

No corporate candidate has the ability to address these issues. Their real owners won’t allow it.

The Green Party explicitly rejects corporate donors or other PACs. When you vote for one of us, you vote for the human, not the corporate “human” standing behind them.

When you vote Green, you are voting for a candidate who will be accountable to YOU, and no-one else.

When you vote Green, you are voting to support forward-looking, grassroots, community-oriented candidates, not corporate representatives whose main job is to sell you on the idea that they aren’t sold out to the corporations who own them.

Do we think, for one minute, that Joe Courtney will make a move that Electric Boat, and Pfizer, two of his main contributors, will allow? How is enriching the two coastal corps benefiting the majority of 2nd District? Courtney tells how a new submarine creates 1,800 new jobs for the 2nd District. How are you, Tolland? Enjoying those submarine base jobs? Putnam? Windham? No?

Would you benefit more if less money went to military, and more went to building up schools all around the district?

Would you benefit more, if money that goes to enriching for-profit healthcare was redirected to infrastructure development and energy independence throughout the district.

Joe Courtney is a great representative for some people on the shoreline, although the rampant poverty throughout puts the lie to how it benefits everyone, even in the areas where these industries thrive. Second district is a large area, however, and Courtney does almost nothing for most of us. We can do better. We deserve better.

I am running as a Green, party because their values are mine. But partly because corporate candidates have failed us.

Trump is not an anomaly of the system, he is the logical outcome of it. And both parties protect the system.

I subscribe to the crazy, radical idea that representatives should be representing us, not just the billionaires. I’ll even posit the idea that without this, we have but the veneer of democracy, of representation in our country. And it’s literally killing us.

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