Why Green, Instead of Red or Blue?

Three big issues where ‘both’ parties are failing us.

AARG! It’s the most important vote of my life! I must do as I am told!What, exactly, are we being told? Republicans tell us that we should fear anyone who is not straight, white, and Christian™. They tell us that immigrants, gay people, and people of different religions are all ruining AMERICA and are a clear and present danger to our way of life. While they tell us to fret and wring our hands about giving minorities human status, the Republicans in power loot the country for the benefit of the multi-millionaires, billionaires, and corporations.

Democrats, as always, use fear-mongering of Republicans as the main reason to vote for them. Since Bill Clinton, Democrats have had few candidates worth voting for. The best they can offer is someone less bad than the Republicans. With little to vote for; we are being urgedto vote against. Political Triangulation is the philosophy that the Democratic Party should shift to the right, capturing more Republican votes, while it is presumed that those on the left, will have “No place else to go.” It’s a manipulation that has led to a Democratic Party which is to the right of Reagan. While every single election in my adult lifetime has been “The most important vote of my life,” even when Democrats win, their main accomplishment has been to enrich the multi-millionaires, billionaires, and corporations. “Third way,” “New Democrats,” and”Market-based solutions” are all code for “Let the corporations rule.” It’s been a ruinous strategy for the majority of us, but a highly profitable one for the Democratic Party.

Fear-mongering and manipulation on both sides is a corruption of political discussion, urging us to vote based on party labels, right or wrong, instead of thinking about what’s best for us, our communities, our nation, and the community of nations. The corporate takeover of government is another corruption, one also made legal and acceptable by both parties. Both parties appoint corporate insiders to watchdog agencies that are intended to protect the environment, maintain high standards for the food we eat and the medicines we use, and protect working people on the job.Both parties allow big corporations and banks to sit in on and actually write the legislation thatboth parties pass. Both parties write budgets filled with welfare for the rich and handouts for military contractors, but nothing but austerity for the rest of us.Both parties have cut tax rates on the wealthiest Americans six times in the last 50 years, while creating corporate tax loopholes and give-aways so that the largest corporations not only do not pay any taxes, but have billions given back to them in “subsidies.” I believe it is time for a change from the corruption of two party politics. I believe elected representatives have a duty to represent the people of their district, not just the corporations of their district.

I believe that there are three life-and-death issues that most of us want, but that neither Democrats or Republicans will pass.

1. Legislation to slow and stop the global climate catastrophe. The planet daily races toward a future where large parts of the planet will become inhospitable to human life and civilization. We know that drastic action must be taken, and yet, little but rhetoric and tweaks have been offered. Neither party is offering real solutions. Republicans deny it’s an issue, Democrats want to make tiny, incremental changes that allow big corporations to put their profit margins ahead of the planet. The “Green New Deal,” stolen and already watered down from the Greens, is opposed by both parties. We need to move away from and phase out carbon fuels. We need to promote energy production that is locally owned, community controlled, and renewable.

2. Universal/single-payer/medicare for all healthcare. 69% of all Americans – including nearly half of all Republicans – want it. Every other industrialized country has it, and it will SAVE US MONEY. Both parties oppose and fight against it. It’s a crime, and it’s literally killing us. During this pandemic, tens of millions of us have lost employer-provided healthcare, but the presumed Democratic nominee proudly bragged that he would veto single-payer, proof positive that the politicians don’t care about us, just their corporate owners. Single payer now is a no-brainer, but neither party will address it.

3. ALL CORPORATE MONEY OUT OF POLITICS. Democrats and Republicans alike rely heavily on corporate money for their campaigns. Anyone who thinks this doesn’t come with plenty of special influence hasn’t been paying attention. Why have Democrats helped cut tax rates for the very wealthy? It only ever leads to austerity for the rest of us. It’s legalized corruption, and both parties depend on it. While they are drunk with power and corporate connections, the rest of us pay the price.These are three issues which are critical to the survival of civilization, the quality of life for the great majority of us, and honest functioning of government for all of us.

We CAN have a government that works for us, but we sure don’t now. 30 years of political triangulation have shifted the power in this country to the wealthiest, at the expense of the rest of us. This is not by accident.

We can do better. We must do better. It will take work. It will take courage. But this country has embraced radical change time and again, and it has always made the country stronger.

It’s time for a change. I am working for that change. With your support, we can do that.

Cassandra Martineau

Candidate for Congress, 2nd District Connecticut

Green Party

2 thoughts on “Why Green, Instead of Red or Blue?

  1. Poignant article however there’s a fourth issue, that of racial justice and police brutality. George Floyd and countless other’s muders at the hands of law enforcement must never happen again. Democrats pay lip service to police reform and reinvesting in communities but much more must be done. Voting rights, redistricting and the suppression of minority votes perpetuates the two-party system. We can’t move forward in our society unless the voices and viewpoints of all citizens, including black, brown and LGBTQ+ are heard and valued.


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